I Will Not Leave The Post Due To Pressure – PM Oli


I Will Not Leave The Post Due To Pressure – PM Oli

2 June, 2016 | arjun baral | 565 Views | comments

KP-OliPrime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Thursday clarified that he will not leave the post due to the pressure exerting for the same. He added that some forces were threatening and exerting pressure to leave the post but he will not resign adding that his nature does not permit him for the same.

Addressing a two-day public dialogue program organized here today, Oli said that he did not have any excessive desire to remain on the chair. He said if he gets concrete remedies and roadmaps to resolve all current problems, he will not have any desire for reaming to post. Oli added that he did not have any avarice for property therefore he will work on the behalf of the nation for 24 hours till he remains to the post.

He recalled that he was elected to the post during a tough time when the country was facing post-quake trauma, border blockade and Tarai agitation, adding that he made his best efforts to overcome these problems and gradually acquired success over the problems.

Prime Minister Oli added that holding any post was just temporary therefore performimg on the behalf of the nation and people will have permanent meanings.

Don’t perform circus

Indicating the protest launched by Tarai-centric parties, PM Oli urged the agitating parties not to perform circus in the name of protest urging them for talks if they have any genuine issues to be resolved.

He claimed that the Tarai protest has calm down and deadlock with India has ended. He argued that he played a meaningful role to narrow down these issues.

No agreement to handover government

In another note, PM Oli clarified that they did not have agreement to handover the government to ruling coalition CPN Maoist Centre. He asked for showing such agreement if anybody has. PM Oli claimed that he was not tired so he did not need for changing  shoulder to bear the burden.

Budget is distributive

Addressing the program, PM Oli said ‘allocation’ etymologically means to distribute therefore, he ordered to distribute the budget rather allocation. He said distribution materializes development therefore budget should be distributed to education, infrastructure development and transport sectors for the development. He questioned that how the country could be developed depositing budget.

Previous governments alike scarecrow

PM Oli termed the previous governments as the scarecrow claiming that they failed to invest on social welfare sector. He said that the elderly citizens had contributed a lot for the nation therefore their allowance was increased. RSS

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