Bipul Chettri’s live Concert :Maya the US tour 2016


Bipul Chettri’s live Concert :Maya the US tour 2016

4 June, 2016 | Sandeep Bhattarai | 1170 Views | comments

mayaSan Francisco- First time in San Francisco, Naam Binako Entertainment has proudly presenting its first debut live concert with a Melody and full of entertainment featuring Bipul Chhetri and a travelling band “ Maya the US Tour 2016” in Oakland on June 25th in Oakland Scottish Rite .

According to organizer Mr Utsav Chaudhary , it’s a first ever US tour after successful Musical tour to London. And they are excited to bring Bipu Chhetri who is one of the most popular and distinguish singer among the Nepalese speaking folks all around the world. We are so excited and overwhelmed to get so much positive response from the community living in Greater Bay area and US as a whole, and we are selling the tickets online and there is lots of demand of offline tickets too so we are distributing tickets to various locations of bay area and beyond.

We are positive that this will be a great and most awaited concert ever as we are featuring one of the most versatile and talented man who is not only a Singer ,solo guitarist, songwriter, music composer, painter but also a teacher. That made him distinguished and versatile from other singers or musiciansIMG_3189

One of the greatest quality of Bipul Chhetri is to blend most contemporary songs and music to Mountain folks music. So he has so much to share with us. His first ever debut album hit the Queen of the Himalayas, Darjeeling and spread all over the world as a wildfire. Sketches of Darjeeling became a top seller within 48 hours of its release. His song wildfire is a big hit and one of the most popular song .

His uniqueness in vocal and music compositions drags all kind of crowd from youngsters to adult. He is for all kinds of music lovers as his songs not only break the generation gaps but also the physical boundaries. Since he is from Kalimpong a major educational town of Darjeeling where he learnt , listened and practiced western to eastern music from his childhood days. Music of

Darjeeling hill is highly influenced by such blendings that can be felt in his songs.One of his interview he said about Blending folk with contemporary:“I think the current generation has lost touch with the roots of our music, what with so much music being churned out in this modern digital world of ours. So I thought the best way to keep interest alive was to take this route where even the listeners could relate in some way.” Most of the listeners feel connection of nostalgia and the mountains in his music that is the key element to draw attention of large crowd from all levels of folks”.

Maya the US tour 2016 is also based on his next album called Maya , It gives our team immense pleasure to see such positive response for Maya:The U.S. Tour writes Naam Binako team in their Facebook page and doing their level best to make one of the most successful event so that they can host other great singers and bands in near future.

According to the organizer the event Starts at cocktail lounge with mesmerizing socialization and VIP reception with a drink, then moves to one of the most awaited concert.

The concert is also featuring local artists and one of the most popular pop singer Nalina Chitrakar. She is not only popular singer in Nepal but also in US and especially in Bay area. She was named the country’s best pop singer in 1999 and 2005. She writes songs about the harmony between Madhesi and Pahadi people, She has done lots of musical tours to Nepal, US and other countries too.

Naam Bina ko entertainment under Chaudhary Group USA, Inc. The company’s main goal is to entertain an individual through different ideas of entertainment ranging from concerts of an artist, movie, drama or dance and DJs.

Their main goal is to bring smile and joy in every individuals from young to older crowd attending event . According to the organizer the Concert is strictly an entertainment night so no speeches and other traditional ceremony .

Naam Bina Ko entertainment AKA Nameless entertainment , motto is Kaam aaile , Naam pachhi kamaula which means work first and we earn the name later ! Let’s see how far they will reach to achieve their name and fame in this industry.

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